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ExoMatter uses a data-driven approach to identify ideal materials for specific applications accross different industries. Our Digital Laboratory is not only more efficient than traditional laboratory experiments, but also gives you a more complete picture by including fragmented data across different sources. We are the glue that joins them in one single offering.
We focus on inorganic solid state materials, but plan to expand our portfolio in the future.

Data sourcing

ExoMatter combines data on the chemistry, physics, and engineering of materials with sustainability and cost data.

If you are looking for new materials, it does not just matter which chemical and physical properties they have. To achieve your business objectives, it is just as important to know which costs you can expect and how sustainable the material is.
We are using first-principles data from scientifc databases and perform our own calcualtions using this raw data, including thermodynamic equilibrium calculations and AI-based analyses using Machine Learning.
Finding this data and making sense of it can be a challenge.
ExoMatter has got you covered!

While our focus is on data mining and our materials selection algorithms, we also perform our own first-principle calculations to fill data gaps in existing databases. We are happy to discuss what you need and how you can get the neccessary data.


traditional trial&error

The Traditional Way

Materials development usually relies on testing many materials in the lab based on trial and error.
Finding the right material is tedious.
This process is inefficient.


The filtered list of materials is ranked using the properties that matter the most to you. Every project and implementation is tailored to the specific needs of you and your industry. All materials receive our ExoMatter Score which allows you to compare them.
Most of the times, there is not one material that is best for your application, but it depends on the circumstances. We don’t just show you the data, but we explain it to you in a way that does not require deep technical knowledge.
Whenever your needs and objectives change, ExoMatter is right here with you. Scores can be updated as you go. Our flexible solution has you covered.

Scoring of Materials

Do you have further questions? Find answers in our FAQ!