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We are ExoMatter.

Dr. Josua Vieten


Tech Specialist

Barbara Prähofer


VP Business Development, Sales

The Story

Back in the mid 2010s, Josua and his colleague Friedemann were working together on their doctorates at the German Aerospace Center. By using computational methods, they found new and better materials much faster than with traditional methods.

While working at a quickly-growing SaaS company, Josua experienced the power of digital solutions. Combined with his expertise in Chemistry he came up with the idea to digitize materials development. Josua called Friedemann during his parental leave in Spain and told him about the idea. Friedemann immediately grasped the potential of implementing his expertise in sustainability into a practical solution with a high impact. Having worked as an advisor on climate change for the German Government for several years, he gained first hand knowledge what is missing globally to tackle climate change and save our future. They teamed up to make their vision come true.

They have 10+ years of combined experience as researchers, science coordinators and policy advisors (DLR, Trinity College, Berkeley Lab, Celonis, German IPCC Coordination Office). Their scientific publications reached a total of 1000+ citations. Their first success was winning a spin-off grant from the Helmholtz Association and the German Aerospace Center (DLR).

Being two male scientists they quickly realized something important was missing: an expert in Entrepreneurship & Sales, and more diversity in the team. Barbara represents both. She knows how to turn an idea into a success story. Ben, with his senior expertise in business development, completes the team.

Founding Team

We, Barbara, Friedemann and Josua, founded ExoMatter and right away dived into first customer projects, further developing our product, and continued building our team. ExoMatter is located in Munich and Cologne, Germany, but we feel at home anywhere where new and sustainable materials are needed.

Josua is our tech expert and Chemist. He previously worked at Celonis and in international research projects at DLR. He is responsible for the overall strategy, develops our algorithms and builds our code. In his free time, he loves traveling and being out in nature or among friends.

Barbara is our business expert and has a background in entrepreneurship and business administration with a minor in Chemistry. Previously she worked at the SaaS startup Carsync. She is responsible for our business development and sales. In her free time, she likes cooking, hiking, and getting to know new cultures.

Friedemann is our sustainability expert and Physicist. He previously worked in the German IPCC Coordination Office. He is responsible for our product strategy and implementation. In his free time, he and his wife are wedding & travel photographers and on the road with their daughter, dog and van.

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