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How we can help

We are focused on Materials Research as a Service. ExoMatter will offer R&D services and consulting. Our mission is to bridge the gap between research and industry by not just providing data, but also by helping you to understand and use it.
ExoMatter is currently in the pilot phase. We are testing our services with pilot customers to make them even better. Our commercial offering will be ready in 2022.

Sounds interesting? Find out how we will help you achieve your business goals with advanced materials below and stay tuned by signing up to our newsletter.
You can also book a video call with us for free to find out what we do and how it works.

join a pilot project

Pilot projects

We are currently testing our Materials Research services with industrial partners in pilot projects.
In these projects, we are addressing challenges in inorganic materials research and build test dashboards to explore relevant computational materials data. Our test customers develop our product and services together with us and we highly appreciate their feedback.
Are you interested in joining us on our exciting journey? Limited spots are still available. Reach out to us to find out more.
Pilot projects are conducted via the German Aerospace Center as collaborative R&D projects and are subject to conditions and contract terms.

Materials Research as a Service

We have planned even more for the future. Here is a look ahead.

ExoMatter. We Facilitate

We Facilitate.
Are you wondering how to interpret the wealth of materials data available today? How can you find the best material for your business needs?
Our consulting offer will be available both in conjunction with ExoMatter Materials Research as a Service as well as independently on an hourly basis.

ExoMatter. We Educate.

We Educate.
Are you wondering what Computational Materials Research is?
Get to know the basics and tools. Try them out hands-on. Learn which results you can expect and how to interpret them. We will offer workshops for different professional target groups. No prior knowledge required.

ExoMatter. We coordinate.

We Coordinate.
Is your company an SME without its own R&D department? Or are you working in a collaborative project with external partners?
ExoMatter will be your One Stop Shop for materials development.
Let us take ownership, sit back, relax, and enjoy the results.