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How it works

Traditional materials research and development requires an endless amount of trial&error in the lab and manual literature research. ExoMatter accelerates this process significantly and helps you find the most sustainable and cost-effective solution. We combine data across different public and own sources and use AI and our ExoMatter algorithms for its analysis. Our platform helps you manage your research data and keep all the information in one place.

Our customers have saved 6-12 months of laboratory work by skipping the line and starting with our shortlist.

We analyze candidate materials in four dimensions:

  • Chemical properties (such as reactivity, thermodynamics of reactions, and synthesis routes)
  • Physical properties (such as density, heat capacity, and band gaps)
  • Business properties & sustainability (cost, material availability, patents&literature)
  • Engineering properties (such as Young’s modulus and Sheer modulus)

At the moment, we are focused on inorganic materials and only select chemically pure substances, no composites. But we are constantly extending the range of our data sources.

Materials Development with ExoMatter

Our materials development process is agile and iterative. Once you have access to the first data on our platform, we can always go back and re-iterate. Data is constantly updated to adjust to changes in raw material prices and include new scientifc literature and data.