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HighTech Startbahn supports ExoMatter

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We are excited to announce our collaboration with HighTech Startbahn!

The team there is made up of experts on building startups in the hightech sector. They will support us through mentoring and coaching. We especially appreciate Joerg Schueler‘s advice, who is our main contact at HighTech Startbahn and an experienced entrepreneur.

Especially as young founders to-be, there is a lot we can learn. We appreciate the support in planning the growth of our spin-off, our product, and our overall strategy. There are a lot of things to consider when launching a business, and our mentors will make sure that we think of all of them. Also, we are excited about getting in touch with industry professionals who share our passion for materials development. The network of HighTech Startbahn will help us do so.

Mentoring and coaching through HighTech Startbahn has been made possible through the spin-off funding of the Helmholtz Association in their Helmholtz Enterprise Program, and the Technology Marketing of DLR.

Our vision at ExoMatter is to help businesses find the best material for their application. We solve business needs with a strong data-driven approach. ExoMatter unites physical and chemical data with sustainability and cost indexing. We will not only offer access to databases but will heavily focus on driving value from them and explaining the properties of materials to anyone. Whether you are an expert in chemistry or physics or you are a manager with focus on business objectives – ExoMatter has got you covered!

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