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We help you to stay ahead of the competition with the best and more sustainable materials for your product and application. 

Time saved is money in the bank
With traditional trial and error based materials research, it takes at 6 to 12 months to develop new materials. We cut this time to 1 to 3 months. Our customers on average save EUR 100k by replacing trial and error with data.

Sustainability is essential
Different materials have different carbon footprints. Replacing materials by more sustainable alternatives leverages a huge potential to lower your carbon footprint. The social aspects of mining of some materials are also getting more and more critical. We help you find alternatives.

All your data in one place
If you ever did research of any kind, you know how long it takes to get the information you need. With ExoMatter, you have everything in one place. Directly access prices, physical, chemical and sustainability data, as well as scientific and patent literature on our platform. Focus on materials development instead of wasting your time searching for data.

Stay ahead of the competition with better materials
The data we use covers more materials than you could ever study in your lab. Even with large-scale materials screening, you run the risk of missing out on important candidates. We give you peace of mind by making sure we look at all available materials.

Whether you are an industry specialist or an acedemic researcher, we have you covered. Get started now with ExoMatter.