Welcome to the Future of Materials Research

We use data-driven tools to help you select the best material for your application. We translate the business objectives of your industry into scientific results and help you make sense of them.

Because Materials Matter.

Why should I care?

Materials are at the core of our modern world. Whether in the chemical industry, in renewable energy, or in hightech production, advanced materials can be the key difference between your product and the competition.
As the world gets more digital, you cannot afford to miss out on data-driven materials design.

We asked industry professionals to find out why they are interested in ExoMatter. Here are their top answers.

top reasons why industry professionals are interested in ExoMatter
The ExoMatter Materials Research Team

Who we are

ExoMatter is a spin-off project by two researchers at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) with support from the Helmholtz Association. Our goal is to launch an independent company in 2022 and then start our commercial services.
In the meantime, we are testing our product with pilot partners and spreading the news.
Meet the team and find out more about our mission.

How it works

Our idea: We use data-driven methods to provide Materials Research as a Service and materials-focused Consulting.

Which materials are you looking for and why? We translate your business objectives into physics and chemistry. Based on your input, we use materials databases to rank and score potential candidates. After we are done, you receive a customized dashboard to explore the data.